Cell with HTML text not visible

Hi !
I would like to show text in the cell so that name is in top left corner of the cell and a number in the bottom right corner.
In the OnGetDispText event I have:
Value:='name<BR><P align="right">number</P>'

When rowheight=30 and on some WIndows 7 machines the number is not visible, when the cell is fixed.
If the cell is normal both name & number are visible. Normal cell has also bold text like fixed.
Increasing the rowheigth=35 pixels, the number is visible also in the fixed cell/row.
So what is the difference in HTML fixed vs. normal cell ? XP:s work ok

In a fixed cell there is one pixel extra used to display a sort of shadow effect, so one less pixel for the text. If you increase row height to 31, it will show the text also in fixed cells.