Cannot compile Vcl.TMSLogging in Debug build

Using RAD Studio Enterprise 10.4.3

First time trying to build a project in debug mode - I receive:

[dcc32 Fatal Error] dSecurity.pas(28): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'Vcl.TMSLogging'

It builds correctly in Release mode.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled TMSLogging - no difference.

Looking for suggestions...


As fas as I know, there is no RAD Studio version 10.4.3. Do you mean 10.3.3, or 10.4?

Also, does the problem happen in another project (a new project, for example)?

Can you please provide the values you have in your Delphi library path, Delphi debug DCU path, and your project options search path?

I meant 10.4 with patches 1,2 and 3...

I've just today had this project pushed back 3 months - I'll install 10.4.1, reinstall all TMS components and try again.

(Unless you'd rather I debug this for your information?)



Ok. We are not aware of any issues, so please let us know if you find any problems then provide details, thank you.

It looks like it was because I still had "Rio" entries in debug paths.

I did a slash-and-burn purge of these entries,

I just did a debug build - everything is sunshine and butterflies again.


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