Can FlexCel read/write Google sheets

Hi Adrian,

Does FlexCel have the ability to read/write Google Sheets files? I know that Google Sheets can import/export to a local .xlsx file, but our customer would like to access the google sheet directly.

I've had a look at the manual for your Cloud pack, which I see includes a google sheets component, but not sure how that would integrate with FlexCel.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards.
Steve Collins.


Sorry, but no, only xls and xlsx files. As far as I know, there is no documented file format for a google sheets file, and you can't download a google sheet locally to be processed with a tool like FlexCel.

If you want to download a file to a hard disk, you have to download it as an xlsx file (well, you could also download it as csv, which FlexCel can also read, but I wouldn't recommend it):

I guess that to work natively with a google sheets file we would have to access the file via the Web API of google sheets, but that's currently outside the scope of FlexCel. It would be a really different project

Thanks for the quick reply.

I don't know how well you know the TMS cloud pack - do you know if there's a Web API call that I could make to download a google sheet to a local file myself... that way I could just save to a temporary xlsx file and then use FlexCel to open that file. Similarly, if there's a Web API call to upload a file, I could then use that to upload the temporary file after I've saved it from within FlexCel.

Don't worry if you're not famililar with the cloud pack - maybe I'll try downloading a trial version and see what's available!!

Sorry, I am not familiar with the Cloud Pack, but I would indeed expect there is a way to download and upload the file as xlsx.