C++ Builder version 10.4. Update 2 "Community Edition", TMS VCL UI Pack, manually installation failed

I have the C++ Builder version 10.4. Update 2 "Community Edition" and I wanted to install the TMS VCL UI Pack (latest version). At the beginning of the extraction, it shows me an error that I need to install the pack manually.
I searched for the files *D... for recompilation, but then I get an error that I don't have the right version of the DIE. I think these are just Delphi, not C++ files (yet) - right? What can I do?

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Embarcadero decided to remove the command-line compiler from the 10.4 Community Edition.
Sadly, that causes that our installer cannot install the components and it looks like it won't be possible to use MSBUILD for compiling from the command-line either.