Install VCL UI PACK in the community edition

After I used the VCL UI Pack trial version (installed without problems), I bought the package.
However at installation I get the error that I have to install it manually (which I did not get with the trial!).
I have to install it manually via the install.txt, but this it not clear at all how to do it.
Can you help please?

The problem is that our trials are pre-compiled, they come without sources and just the dcus for a specific version. The registered versions come with the full source code, and the sources are compiled in the installation, which is better because you get the exact dcus that your compiler generates.

But Delphi CE doesn't have command line compilers, so the setup can't compile on the fly as it does in normal Delphi. We really wish Embarcadero shipped command line compilers in CE (they used to do it), but they currently don't.

Still, there is a way to install in CE which is not "fully manual" using tms smart setup. Quoting from FlexCel installation error in Delphi CE 11.3 - #4 by adrian

This won't be as nice as installing with a non-CE delphi, but it will automate delphi to compile. You might need to close some dialogs manually, but in general it works