Button Problems with TAdvMultiButtonEdit

I am trying to make a TMultiButtonEdit change button style depending on the content of the edit text. All is OK if I change between pre-defined styles (say bsDeny <=> bsAccet), but when I try to use the bsCustom option with either just button text or an image from an ImageList, then it does not behave as expected.
So, if we start by defining a button as bsCustom with some caption (say "Go") all looks and works as expected. But if (in the designer) we change the button style to say bdDeny then back to bsCustom, then the button image stays as bsDeny. Changing to other pre-defined button styles changes the image to those styles, but you can never get the bsCustom "Go" text back. Not really a problem during design, but it is the same story at run time if you try to set the style from bsCustom to any of the pre-defined styles in code.
Using an image from an ImageList component for the bsCustom button also causes problems. This time the image list button becomes "sticky" when you try to change to one of the pre-defined styles. If you toggle between bsCustom + ImageIndex= 0 and bsDeny + ImageIndex= -1 you permanently lose the pre-defined bsDeny image. Also, you do not seem to be able to use an image from the ImageList for a pre-defined button - but maybe this is expected behaviour?

Thanks for reporting.
We fixed this. Next update will address this.