Barreader for Android

Cannot find if the Barreader component was updated to include Android support ?  I am asking although assuming no as I cannot find anything other than IOS threads. 

Please advise would love to add this to my existing TMS toolbox.  If not is this a planned update at some point ?

Thank you

Eddie Muniz

Sorry, unfortunately on short term we do not have plans/resources to add an Android version. 

Thanks for reply, what a shame as I have become a HUGE fan,customer and user of your components.   any recommendations that are somewhat seamless and dont require jumping 100 hoops to achieve result ?

I like your components so much that I may actually convince customer to use IOS devices although I am not all thrilled about having to setup the DEV environment for IOS   !@#!@#$@# .

Thanks again and look forward to your input.

Eddie M

I really wished we could immediately offer a solution, but as explained, the full team is so immersed in another big project that unfortunately, we cannot immediately drop this work to focus on an Android barcode reader.

I totally understand !!

Question how fast is reader ?  Is there a large delay ?   Looking to use this for an entry scanner to a trade show but that there is plenty of foot traffic and it needs to be quick.   It will also query a database for a stored picture of the person entering the show.     Currently using handheld scanners and they are very fast and respond fast the only thing is that they are breaking and dont want to replace this old technology.   Is the bar reader in IOS you think a fast enough solution ?  Dont want to get to far down this road if this is more a reader for occasional scanning but not suited for higher or high volume.

Your input and feedback is greatly appreciated.


The recognition is fast, near instant once the image is good positioned for the phone camera. In our experience, it is mostly placeing the barcode image in good position before the lens that can take some time / require some excercise.

Bruno is this component supported in Delphi 10.2 Tokyo ?   I am forced to update to 10.2 because of an issue with IOS deployment.     I hope it is otherwise I am back to ground zero with my current project.

Thank you


Assuming you refer to TMS iCL here, yes, this supports Delphi 10.2 Tokyo as you can see at:

Yes I meant the ICL but also was asking about the Barreader utility, is that one also Tokyo compatible ?

yes, it should.

And Yes it did, THANKS AGAIN !!!