Get WebBarcodeDecoder work using FMX Android

I would like to replace the TKRBarcodescanner for Android, since it does not work with 10.4 Sydney anymore. (Result scan is always empty). suggests to use the WebBarcodeDecoder, I tried that even though I wonder whether it is only compatible with a "TMS Web Application".

Is it an option to get the barcodescanner work on FMX Android 32 & 64 bits applications? And if so, how? / is there a sample project or documentation? The WebBarcodeDecoder is available, but seems to need TWebCamera, which isn't. If this isn't possible, are there other TMS components that could replace TKRBarcodescanner?

Thank you.


There is unfortunately no barcode scanning component available for native Android applications. We'll add this on our feature request list.

TWebBarcodeDecoder  & TWebCamera are all using web technology. You can however create a PWA with TMS WEB Core that will result in an installable and offline usable app for Android (and iOS).

Ok, thank you.