AV error with latest under Win2008R2 64-bit ISAPI

I have an ISAPI DLL that has been running under Windows 2003 R2 32-bit for a long time. When I attempt to get it running under Windows 2008 R2 64-bit (as a 32-bit ISAPI DLL), I get AV errors on the first page where I have a TMS image component. If I remove the component, the error goes away.

Any suggestions?

Scott Gast

on behalf of Source Access, Inc.

Not sure what is causing this.
I'd suggest to start checking the security settings of IIS of your app folder on Windows 2008 as this is by default typically A LOT more restrictive than Windows 2003.

Thanks for your input :)

It started working after I wiped the OS and reinstalled... looks like the IIS configuration was messed up from the beginning.

AtoZed has released IW 14... when will TMS release the IW controls for IW 14? Will the TMS IW 12 controls install and work under IW 14?

The latest versions of our components do support IntraWeb 14.