assign value to styler

I can not seem to find a code example showing how to assign a style to either a AdvFormStyler or AdvAppStyler.

For the AdvOfficeStyler, it was simple.  Using a radio group, the user selected their preference and the code was a case like:

  case ColorStyleRadioBox.ItemIndex of
    0:  begin
          AdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler1.Style := AdvOfficePagerStylers.psWindows7;
    1:  begin

I have searched the forum here, and the entire site, but found no code example of how to set the style in code.

Thanks for any help.


AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsWindows7;

Nope.  That will not compile:

  AdvAppStyler1.Style := tsWindows7;
[dcc64 error] : E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'tsWindows7'

  AdvFormStyler1.Style := tsWindows7;
[dcc64 error] : E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'tsWindows7'

Also, are both App and Form stylers required to be used together?

Please add advstyleif in your uses list. 

More information about the TAdvFormStyler & TAdvAppStyler can be found here:

Thanks!  The uses was the problem.

I had not thought to include the uses, though the demo code in the link does, because I was not using a data module.  I made the assumption all required uses were loaded by dropping the component on the form.