API Level 26

So in my opinion you should mark the problem for the Android version.
In my case it was a huge bad surprise (:
Now I hope that everything will start working properly in February.

Yes, please let us focus on the solution, it is complex enough.

I have the same problem, I bought the component, because the site offers the solution for Android, and I can not use it, I had to change my entire solution to TMapView, I spent many hours and did not get the expected result, I wrote several times and the answer is always the same. I understand that it is a change, but it is a product that you sell and offer, In Brazil $ 95.00 Euros is a significant value for something that does not give the expected result. I have 2 projects stopped because of this problem. I wonder if there is a solution and when this solution will be available, otherwise you are selling a product that does not work.
If it is not available for Android, it should be very clear on your website.
I have interest in other components, because I believe they offer good solutions, but I am afraid of this type of problem and technical support.

Does your post help the situation?

Did you complain to Google for changing their APIs?
Did you complain to Embarcadero for not providing a Pascal language feature to map something to Java method attributes?

I answered already on Jan 17 that we will bring better news. That is the final answer on this thread.

Bruno Fierens2019-01-20 20:41:49

We have released v3.0.0.1 with a workaround for the problem with Android on Delphi 10.3 Rio.

Please read the notes when using this update v3.0.0.1


Hi Bruno,

I've just tried it  and it works just fine.

Thank you very mush for this, good job.

Hi Bruno,

I've just tried it  and it works just fine.

Thank you very mush for this, good job.
Mr. Bruno Fierens
Did I ever offend you? Why such an aggressive response?
I just explained about a product that I bought and that until then was not working properly. I do not see why to ask Embarcadero or Google, since I bought the product from TMS Software, which in many places is shown as an Embarcadero partner.
I understand that problems exist, that changes have been made, but if they were not planned or tested properly, at least I expected an alert. The answers that were sent to me by TMS Software are that they were studying the correction. But I made commitments and invested in the platform, trusting to bring benefits to my projects. I had to use different solutions that do not have the same result as I know TMS is much better.
If at any point I offended you, I apologize, I'm just trying to work with a product that I believe gives me a good result.
I wish success, and I will test the suggested correction.
Kind regards. Eduardo Pereira

I asked just 3 questions which I did not consider aggressive, just indicating that the real cause of the WebGMaps issue was an external cause.

We offer Delphi components for 24 years now and each and every time when Borland/Embarcadero/CodeGear/Atozed/Microsoft/Google/... introduced breaking changes, we have taken our responsibility at our own costs. Like you, we also made commitments & investments in Delphi components and external factors cause us to have to spend much more time and thus money than we planned and we did it each & every time at our own cost. The time, and thus cost to find a workaround for a Google breaking change coupled with an Embarcadero Delphi compiler shortcoming was probably 50 times more than the TMS WebGMaps product price.
All I ask is to keep discussions around such matters to the point. The more discussions, the less time we have to work on the actual code of our products.

Hi !

Now everything works fine!

Bruno... it works perfect! Thank you for the good job and your patience :). 


I am very dissapointed with the support for Fmx Maps

I need you to swap my WebGmaps purchase for the OSmaps fnx component.

Instead of requesting you my money back please give me access to WebOSmaps for firemonkey for the period I have on my actual purchase of your WebGmaps.


I'm puzzled to read now you saying you are disappointed when our support did a huge effort to find a workaround/solution for the issue at hand more than 20 days ago.
We are not aware of any further issues with TMS FMX WebGMaps since we implemented this solution. 

What remaining concerns do you have?

I've TMS FMX WebGMaps since 2014 and I renewed in the time frame your Company assigned, all my old TMS FMX WebGMaps projects were affected last end year because of the troubles with Embarcadero.

I did not posted anything in this thread just to keep calm, but honestly I can't trust TMS FMX WebGMaps like I did in 2014.

Please remove this pack from my personal download permissions account and give me access to TMS FMX WebOSMaps in order tu full migrate my old WebGMaps projects and forget this bad experience.

I'm a TmsSofware user since 2014 with several purchased suites never before I request you to swap one suite for another.


As I mentioned, we dealt with an external cause for a problem and at this point there are no issues we are aware of.
For other matters or follow-up, please contact us by direct email.