Annoying PageMode


I like to use TDBAdvGrid for displaying (maximally 50 Rows), editing and inserting data.
Displaying is no problem with both modes.

After inserting I have to use the OnAutoInsertRow event to initialize a row to default values. This works only with PageMode=false. Otherwise the new Row contains no data, two rows are inserted or other strange behavior appears.

Otherwise I have to editing data - and this only works with PageMode=true.

So what's the correct approach to handle with this? Do i have to update the records manually?

This property always makes a lot of trouble :-(

Don't bother i found it!

TIWDBAdvWebGrid.CellValues[1,RowIndex - TIWDBAdvWebGrid.RowOffset]

I think you replied to the wrong post ;-)

I tested this again here with the demo ADOEditing with AllowInsertRow option checked and could not see an issue. If a problem persists, can you please send an email directly to support with a sample project attached with which we can reproduce the problem?