Android Problem with a Bitmap Container


I am having a strange problem with bitmaps I add to a bitmap container but only on the Android platform. iOS is fine.

An example project can be found here:

To see the problem run the application and you will see that the images, which are just the squares on a scrabble board, are fine. But if you switch to another app and back again the images disappear.

If add the images at design time it all works fine.

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Ken Randall

It's unclear why exactly the images disappear. It seems to be an invalid handle issue, but we are currently unable to point out exactly where the issue occurs. A possible solution would be to draw the image inside a rectangle instead of manipulating the fill of the rectangle.

I don't want to draw the image as I need to be able to zoom and this is an easier way. I have however tried using TImage instead of TRectangle and the result is the same. What I don't understand is that it is fine if I add the images yo the container at design time.


We have further investigated this here and found out the following QC report:

A possible workaround is to use a memory stream to assign the bitmap to the fill. When assigning, the data is not copied, but referenced instead, which is the cause for the disappearing bitmaps after closing/reopening the application.

      ms := TMemoryStream.Create;
        case Multi[Rw,Cl] of


We are currently investigating a workaround on component level.

Thanks, very interesting and does indeed work. What also works, so that I don't have to change any other code in the real app, is when adding the bitmap to the container to first save the bitmap to a memory stream and then load the containers bitmap property from the stream.

Great support as usual!

Thank you for your feedback.

Re: We are currently investigating a workaround on component level.

Have you got any further withthis?


We haven't found a solid workaround on component level. 
The workaround above can be used until the issue is fixed by Embarcadero.

Ok, thanks.