AdvTrackbar and AdvFormStyler


Drop a AdvTrackbar to a Form, choose a Style from the gallerie which uses pictures for i.e the thumb and drop a AdvFormStyler to the form too. As soon as you chance the Style the trackbar will be reset to an office style.
If you add following code everything is okay.

procedure TForm5.AdvFormStyler1ApplyStyle(Sender: TObject; AComponent: TComponent; var Allow: Boolean);
 If AComponent.Name='tb1' then allow:=False;

But if the AdvTrackbar is dropped on a AdvToolbar this code will not work - each time the Trackbar will be drawn in the office style. How can I solve this problem?
Regards Sascha

I use Delphi 2006 with version of AdvTrackbar

It is the toolbar itself that forces all controls on the toolbar to have the same style as the toolbar itself.

Unfortunately there is currently no workaround for this.