AdvToolbar Menu

Hi :)

I'm trying to get my AdvToolbar Pager to mimic the design on Office 2013 more accurately, in particular the side of the font used on the Tabs. I've set UseSystemFont to False, and my form is not descended from TAdvToolbarForm but the changes are not being applied. 

I've tried changing the fonts in other areas and nothing seems to actually apply/stick. I managed to change the size of the font for the caption, but when I ran the application the font sizes were back to default. 

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be most appreciated. 


Update #1: I've found that the font doesn't change for the Office 2013 and the Windows 8 themes. Is this by design? 

Thanks, :)

We have traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Thanks Bruno, much appreciated. :)