Adv. Glow buttons font

In Windows 7 in "Control Panel --> Appearance and Personalization --> display" users can change size of text (100%, 125% , 150%)

when this is changed, caption text on  TAdvGlowButtons (placed on TadvToolbar on TadvToolbarPager)  is resized ..
is there way to avoid this resizing and always use same font size (as it is with other all adv. controls on TadvToolbarPager )

things i tried so far :
setting TadvGlowButton.Appearance.SystemFont to true/false
setting TdavToolbarOfficeStyler.SystemFont  to true/false 
setting TdavToolbarOfficeStyler.ButtonAppearance.SystemFont  to true/false 

none of them makes difference for above problem..
however i'm not sure what systemFont should do as this feature is not documented in TMS Advanced Toolbars and Menus.pdf

thank you

edit: TAdvGlowButtons are actually TAdvGlowMenuButtons

any news about this?

We are looking this and will let you know soon.