Adjust font sizes for GlowBut in AdvToolbarPager

Hello Members,

i'm new to the TMS components.
Recently we purchased the TMS Advanced Toolbars+Menus VLC components.
Till now i solved all questions by studying the examples or simply "try'n'error" aproaches.

I got stuck on this one:
* I have form with a TAdvToolbarPager.
* The Pager contains Pages (TAdvPages)
* The Pages contain one or more TAdvToolBar s
* The AdvToolBars contain TAdvGlowButtons
* Actions from the (regular Delphi) ActionManager are assigned to these GlowButtons
* The ToolbarPager is styled by using an AdvToolBarOfficeStyler

Color Changes from the Styler (for example bsOffice2016Gray; bsOffice2003Silver ...) work just fine and deliver the expected results.

We want to adjust the Font Sizes of the (Glow Buttons [and maybe other elements too])
I've tried may of the "Font" related properties i've located in the objekt inspector but non of them seem to apply any changes. What am i doing wrong or where did i brake the FONT support of the styler.

Thanks and kind regards

Did you try to set AdvToolBarStyler.GlowButtonAppearance.SystemFont = false and then change the font via AdvGlowButton.Font?

Hello Bruno,

it is possible to change the font settings for each button even if  the "SystemFont" property of the styler is set to true.

Im not "forced" to use TAdvGlowButtons. I will use other button types if they work with the styler.
I already tried the regular "TAdvToolBarButton" but got the same behaviour as with the GlowButtons.

I also checked all "ParentStyler" properties i came across. But no successful "Button styling" till now.

For the TAdvGlowButton classes, the setting is under AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.GlowButtonAppearance.UseSystemFont and for regular TAdvToolBarButton class, it is under AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.ButtonAppearance.SystemFont.

When SystemFont = true, it will always set the font fixed to the font that is used by Microsoft Office itself to make the appearance as consistent as possible with Microsoft Office.
Hello Bruno,
thanks for you answer.

I got our desired behaviour up and running (accidental)

The styling via the AdvToolbarOfficeStyler works if you use "TAdvToolBarButton"s.

I experience this special beaviour while working in Delphi design time.
If you change the font setting (AdvToolBarOfficeStyler.ButtonApperance.CaptionFont...) for the buttons, the toolbar doesn't get immediatly redrawn. (Instead to the behaviour if you change the color style of the toolbar via the "style" property).

The desired font settings work at runtime and are also getting "visible/refreshed" at design time after each "Paint" event wich is triggered during design time.
(For example: switching to an other form and back. Changing the color stye of the toolbar. Or just by clicking the TAdvToolBarButton object in your form)
I hope this helps other users in the future.

Kind regards

Thanks for informing that TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.ButtonAppearance.CaptionFont is indeed an alternative for global font control for TAdvToolBarButton classes.