AdvTaskDialog truncates VerificationText

Just something for the ToDo list.
The VerificationText of the AdvTaskDialog gets truncated when using VCL themes. The amount lost depends on the length of the text, long strings lose less. So 'A short text' loses 2 characters but 'A very very long verification text' is OK. Luckily the string is not trimmed so padding it out with trailing spaces gets round the problem.

I could not reproduce this

That's odd! I get this:
I used a modified version of the AdvTaskDialog demo
UAdvMsgBoxExplorerDemo.dfm (12.6 KB)
UAdvMsgBoxExplorerDemo.pas (4.4 KB)

When I run your form in an app with a VCL style, what I see is:

Ok, thanks for looking Bruno. I don't know wat is going on but, it's not a serious problem and just right padding the string with some spaces fixes it.

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