AdvStyler UpperCase(Keyword)

I need to change the case of the keywords in AdvmSQLS (or in any styler).

I know there is no event like OnGotKeyword to change the case to Uppercase.
So I need to modify the code (I had to do the same for Synedit) . It should be in the same function/procedure that changes the font (color and style) for the keyword. But had not found the place or unit to make the changes. Any hint you could give me?
Best regards
Francisco Alvarado

To make the keywords case sensitive and uppercase, please set

  AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords.CaseSensitive := true;
and loop through the keywords stringlist AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords to make these uppercase.
Thank you Bruno for your response.
I did this in the FormCreate event:
  AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords.CaseSensitive := True;
  AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords.Sorted := False;
  for i := 0 to AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords.Count - 1 do
    AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords := UpperCase(AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords);
  AdvSQLMemoStyler1.AllStyles[0].KeyWords.Sorted := True;
I see that all the keywords are in the memo in uppercase, but when I write "select * from Employees", the keywords change  font and color but stayed in lowercase. I'm willing to see "SELECT * FROM Employees" 

Is this possible?
Francisco Alvarado

Do you mean you want to see that the memo will automatically turn your lower case keyword in uppercase keywords? This specific feature is currently unfortunately not built-in in the memo.

Yes, I meant that. 

Can you point me to the unit that I can modify to achieve this? The one that's changing font and color for the keywords.
I'm replacing the SynEdit components with TMSoftware's ones and I need to preserve this functionality 

I just found a quick fix for this issue, I mean is not a bug but a functionality I need,

In AdvMemo.pas i add this line:

if DrawStyle.isKeyWord then
  Part := UpperCase(Part);                              // By FAS 
It's a quick fix and not fully tested. Later, I may add a property to make it configurable, I just needed to fix this before Monday.
Francsico Alvarado