1. None of the Key events seem to fire? The only way I could get this to work is set the form preveiw to True and use the forms KeyDown event handler?

  2. Where to change the URL highlight color?

  3. How to change the region color (when cursor is in between a begin/end "begin" and "end" will be highlighted. Where to do I change this color?

  1. Use AdvMultiFileMemo.ActiveMemo.OnKey* events
  2. Use AdvMultiFileMemo.ActiveMemo.URLStyle
  3. There is at this moment not a setting to change the color of an entire region. The same syntax styler applies to the code in a region as the any other code in the syntax memo
  1. Not the entire region but the region keywords. Right they if your cursor is between say a begin/end region, "begin" and "end" will be a different color, this is what I need to change.


These must have been set as keyword and thus the keyword color is applied

I had to use:

NewMemo.BlockColor := clRed;

In InitMemo event.