AdvMemo Styler

Is it possible to have more than one keyword style and if so I how do I do it?

I have an application which requires 16 different types of Keyword each of which can have a different colour and style.  Is it possible to do this?

Yes you can do this. 
Under AdvMemoStyler.Styles , add two TElementStyle items with StyleType set to stKeywords and set the Font for each item and the keywords for each item.

Thanks, I think I am getting the hang of it now - one more question - how do I add an extra number type?   I want to be able to separately colour/style Binary (%), hex($) and decimal formats.  It seems to me that I would have to add additional properties.

Sorry, there is currently no possibility to differentiate different numbers.

That is a useful suggestion that we have noted for consideration.

Thanks - for me that option would be useful - I'll keep a look out for an update.

Is it possible in the styler to set the FontName and ForntSize?

I think I have found a problem with the Styler.
I have keywords which start with "$" (e.g." $define") but "$" is also used to define Hex numbers.
I have tried setting the HexIdentifier  to " $" but that doesn't seem to get recognised as a number.
Can you suggest a solution?

The HexIdentifier has priority in style detection, so unfortunately it will indeed conflict with a keyword set as $define.

We've added it on the todolist to investigate whether we can find a solution for this.

Thanks fro the response - do you have any idea when you might be able to offer a fix for the Hex '$' issue and the lack of support for binary numbers? 

If is within a few weeks I will stick with the TMS solution, if it is going to take months I will have to use an alternative product.