How Change TMSFMXMemo SubString's Font Color

I want to change  TMSFMXMemo SubString's Font Color
Like:(keyword is "book") 
This is a book
i add Keyword into TMSFMXMemoBasicStyler.AllStyles[0].Keywords

it is work but when keyword is chinese(unicode) it is not work.
like KeyWord = "嵐"

or i can simple to change selected  text's color ?
mo.SelStart := 1;
mo.SelLength := 6;  
mo.sel SelectionTextColor := claRed;
mo.SelectionBackGroundColor := clayellow;
but it is not work

Open the custom style editor, locate the selection object and modify selectioncolor.Fill.Color and selectiontextcolor.Font.Color

Bruno Fierens2018-12-11 12:19:44

Thank you for your answer。
my question is that Since FMX doesn't have an equivalent of TRichEdit, how can I output a differently colored text with tmsfmxmemo ?
this is a book
there are three books

Coloring of text in TTMSFMXMemo is based on syntax rules, for example the keyword list in syntax rules. 
If you want a rich editor, i.e. an edit control where you can modify text format irrespective of syntax rules, we'd suggest to have a look at our TTMSFMXRichEditor 

TTMSFMXRichEditor  can meet my needs

but i also need create many RichEditor  at runtime
It’s too time to create a lot of TTMSFMXRichEditor
TTMSFMXMemo is faster than TTMSFMXRichEditor

As explained, the only way colors are applied to text in TTMSFMXMemo, is by the styler keyword definitions, so for each word where you want to apply a color for, you'd need to add this as keyword.