AdvStringGrid export to excel wrong float

Windows 11
Delphi 11 update 3

grid cell value -> 101,56095
grid.saveXLS(filename) cellvalue -> 10.156.095

What am i Missing?

I assume you refer to grid.SaveToXLS() as grid.SaveXLS() does not exist.

This must be because 1) Excel uses different thousand/decimal separators and 2) Excel applies auto formatting on numbers.

You can override the formatting that Excel applies by using TAdvGridExcelIO to export to XLS
See: TMS Software | TAdvStringGrid Example
and also the part in this article that covers how to control the cell output format.

procedure TfrmMain.AdvGridExcelIOCellFormat(Sender: TAdvStringGrid;
const GridCol, GridRow, XlsCol, XlsRow: Integer; const Value: WideString;
var Format: TFlxFormat);

[dcc32 Error] ufrmMain.pas(242): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TFlxFormat'

found it

Unit: FlexCel.Core

But now it does not save the file, it's takes time to finish but no file

AdvGridExcelIO.XLSExport(SaveDialog.filename,'B & B');

I suggest to try example 56 and then compare with this working example