Export to Excel

I am using C++ Builder 2010, running under XP.  (I am a registered user of the component pack.)

I am exporting grid data to Excel (2007) using TAdvGridExcelIO.  My grid consists of numeric and string data.  In one instance, the numeric data is exported to Excel as numeric data.  In the 2nd instance, (a different grid), the numeric data is exported as a character string.  

How can I always have it set so that numeric data is exported as numeric data?  

Thank you for your assistance
M Weingarden
Did you check article: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/asg56.asp
in particular the paragraph where you can control the format via AdvGridExcelIO.OnGetFormat

I still have been unable to resolve the problem.  I set ExportCellFormat to False and am still getting the values in Excel in string format.  I tried to use a Format.Format = "####.##" and still got a string output.  I am using the same ExcelIO component with a different grid and am getting numeric output.  What could the difference be between the grids?

Thank you.

I can't reproduce this. Are you sure the data in grid cells is strictly numeric? Did you check differences in TAdvGridExcelIO property settings? If a problem persists, please contact support by email with a full source project  with which we can reproduce the problem.