TAdvStringGrid: Values not as text

I write some values with following code into Grid.

SGExport.Cells[ColWert,        Zeile] := Wert; //this value is either a real value or text. Therefore I write is as text into cell.

If I save via AdvGridExcelIO and open with excel, it shows always as text, even it is a real value.
Can I convert this value so that excel recognizes as real value?

You can use the AdvGridExcelIO.OnGetFormat event to define the desired cell format in the exported XLS file.

Thank you.
I will try tomorrow.

I tried following code, but it doesn't work.

procedure TfShowValues.AdvGridExcelIO1CellFormat(Sender: TAdvStringGrid;
  const GridCol, GridRow, XlsCol, XlsRow: Integer; const Value: WideString;
  var Format: TFlxFormat);

  Format.Format := '###0.00';
  Format.Font.Name := 'Calibri';

The font does not change. It's always Tahoma, same as original grid.

Sorry, the font settings are not used. The TFlxFormat class contains a font for internal purposes, but by design, the font set for the cell is used. You can set the grid cell font either via grid.OnGetCellColor or via grid.FontNames[col,row] / grid.FontSizes[col,row] / grid.FontColors[col,row]

Thank you for reply.

But it seems, that Format.Format := '###0.00'; is also not working?
Or doing I'm something wrong?

What exact value do you have in the grid cell?

What exact do you see go wrong?
Did you look at our sample 56? See: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/asg56.asp