Exporting floats from StringGrid to Excel

Is there a way to export to Excel a float with extended precision and not the displayed precision? For example, if 2.1234567 is stored in a StringGrid in Grid->Floats[1][1] and FloatFormat is set to "%.2f", then StringGrid displays the value as "2.12" (this is perfect). However, MSExcel also receives "2.12". Is there a way that MSExcel would receive the value with extended precision? This way a user can perform further editing. I'm using TAdvGridExcelIO->XLSExport


Set FloatFormat to %g for example and use the OnGetDisplText to have the displayed format shorter.
For the grid, set advstringgrid.SaveVirtCells = false

Worked like a charm.
Thank you very much.

Just one more question: I used OnGetFloatFormat instead of OnGetDisplText.
Is that ok?

That is indeed a valid alternative approach.