AdvStringGrid at runtime : copying properties


I have create several tAdvStringGrid at runtime but I don't know how many when app starts.
how to do this, by making the grids accessible in their entire form and not just in the procedure that created them ?

But they have to follow a tAdvStringGrid template.
They is a way to copy all properties from the template grid to the target one, and avoid to do that property by property ?


Have you considered

You mean gridB.Assign(gridA)

Yes I tried but no success

please define "no success"

You are right, Bruno, I was a little bit to speedy :wink:

The assignation works, but for all properties.
The UIStyle is not assigned to the new grid, but it is maybe the case for some others I don't know.

Anyway, I can copy this property "by hand"

So, from my side, we can consider this post as solved.


I have seen the issue with UIStyle and it was fixed now. Next update will address this.

Thanks a LOT


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