Stack Overflow after Upgrade AdvStringGrid

Yesterday I upgrade to TMS Component Pack v6.3.0.0!

Today a Program was Killed by the use of AdvStringgrid.Objects and AdvStringGrid.Readonly!
It gives a "Stack Overflow" Error.
I go back to v6.2 and all is good.
What is to do?

How exactly can we reproduce this?

Testing this here with a default grid is not causing any problem:

Hi i've got a stack overflow problem (use of AdvStringgrid.Objects) since i update (6.1.5 to 6.4.2). If i go back the problem is solved.

See :

  PLigne = ^TLigne;
  TLigne = class
      FEtat: TEtat;
      FStyleLigne: TStyleLigne;               
      FLevel: Integer;
      FOldChap: TOldChap;
      FLevelInOuvr: Integer;
      FTypeSelected: TTypeSelected;
      FinFormula : boolean

procedure TAdvGridPerso.GetCellColor(ACol,ARow: Integer;AState: TGridDrawState; ABrush: TBrush; AFont: TFont);
  tmpLigne : PLigne;
  if Objects[0,Arow]=nil then

    Objects[0,ARow]:=TObject(tmpLigne); // On this line i turn in a loop (call getcellcolor and go on this line and call getcellcolor and...).

Thank you for reply.

If i go far in the grid code i see the difference between the two version.

See :

function TBaseGrid.GetCellProperties(c, r: integer): TCellProperties;
  if not Assigned(inherited Objects[c,r]) then // In the old version i first time its true. The second time its false (so Object is assigned). In the new version this 'if' is always true (Object never created ?).
  GetDefaultProps(c,r,AFont,ABrush,AColorTo,AMirrorColor,AMirrorColorTo,HA,VA,WW,GD); // This function call getcellcolor.

Does this mean your check for Objects[0,ARow] = nil doesn't prevent that you keep reassigning grid.Objects[]?

After you have set grid.Objects[], I would expect that the check Objects[0,ARow] = nil  will be false

The question is :), what i'm doing wrong ? Or is it a Grid bug ?
Thank you for a reply.

I cannot guess all the details of how you use the grid.
Please reduce this to a simple small case and provide by email some sample source project with which the problem can be reproduced.

Ok, thank you for your fast reply.
I'll do this.

email was sent with source project to

Problem was traced & solved. Next update will address this.