AdvStringGrid VCL Styles

in the previous versions of UI Pack, I was able to display the grids in combination with dark themes like Windows 10 Dark with cell background in dark and font in light colors. Since the last update it seems that always the CellProperty color is used.

This is caused by line 642 in basegrid.pas.

if not (UseVCLStyles and (CellProperties[ACol,ARow] = nil))or (not (gdFixed in AState) and not (gdSelected in AState)) then

When I comment the new "and (CellProperties[ACol,ARow] = nil)" out, everything works as before.

Maybe it's a feature, but for my application the previous behaviour is more suitable.
Is there a way to override the check for CellProperties assignment?

Kind regards

We internally already fixed this. Next update will address this.