AdvRichEditor don't fire event OnClickHyperlink

I'm try use an AdvRichEditor in my project. It is useful for me to interact with links in the text.
But event OnClickHyperlink not occurs if I click on loaded hyperlink or if it automatically created in editor. May be control have properties related to this event?

Steps for reproduce (version of TMS Component Pack is
1. Create new VCL forms application
2. Place TAdvRichEditoron form
3. Add event:

procedure TForm3.AdvRichEditor1ClickHyperlink(Sender: TObject; URL: string);

4. Run and write any link
5. Then click on link nothing happened.
6. Even if no event assigned to OnClickHyperlink nothing happened. Procedure TAdvRichEditor.DoClickHyperlink(URL, AValue: string) in unit AdvRichEditor not occurs.

Single click positions the caret.
Ctrl-Click executes the hyperlink.

It is able to add property that control type of link interactions?
For example: ability to set single click to open link.
For now I found a way through OnMouseUp event and Selection.FromElement.URL property.

At this time, there is no setting to control this. The current behavior is the same as in MS Word.