How to get TAdvRichEditor hyperlinks url information


I have some doubts regarding the use of hyperlinks in TAdvRichEditor (the component pdf manual is very shallow regarding this) that I need some help with.

  1. Although I have found a way to insert a hyperlink (SetSelectionHyperlink() or AddHyperlink() methods), I have not yet found a way to obtain it for later editing (Ex. If the TAdvRichEditor text has a word underlined as a link and the user select it and click on a "Set Hyperlink" button, i need to get the hyperlink info to let the user to modify it).

  2. How can I get the hyperlink info from an image?

  3. If the caret is on a word with a hyperlink but nothing is selected and the user click the "Set Hyperlink" button, I would like to check that the word the caret is on belongs to a hyperlink and select the word automatically before editor the hyperlink info. can this be achieved some way?. How could it be done if the hyperlink were composed with multiple words like "click here to go to our webpage", for ex.?

Thanks a lot.

You should be able to do this with:

Advricheditor.Selection.FromElement.URL: string;