AdvPDFLib bookmarks and rtf

Hi, we've just been testing the new AdvPDFLib, and it looks good so far, but has a couple of things missing compared to our existing PDF component.

1. Is there any way to hook the TAdvPDFIO into the AdvPDFLib?  For example I would like to create part of the report by code, then insert the contents of a TAdvRichEdit, then create some more of the report from code.  An alternative for us in this case would be a direct import of an RTF file.

2. Is there planned to be any support for bookmarks?  This is crucial for us as we generate quite lengthy PDF files.



1) The TAdvRichEditorPDFIO component is capable of generating PDF documents with RTF content and can use on of the events for customization, but there is currently no way to hook TAdvPDFIO into TAdvPDFLib to combine RTF. We'll investigate here if we can add support for direct RTF parsing inside the TAdvPDFLib. The TAdvPDFLib supports drawing HTML, based on the miniHTML reference.

2) We'll add this on our feature request list for investigation. 

Ok thanks, we'll look out for updates. 

Bump ... is there any news on these feature requests?
TLDR: We really need bookmarks before we can use this component, insertion of RTF would be very useful.

Will be discussed when we make the planning for development here for the rest of the year. 

Ok thx.  Tables would also be great.