I have an FMX application using TTMSFNCWXHTMLMemo for editing some date and this is nice.
Now I want to generate PDF files using TTMSFNCPDFLib.
Both components is in the package TMS FNC WX Pack.
Since the components are in the same package, I thought that the HTML functionality in TTMSFNCPDFLib could render HTML from TTMSFNCWXHTMLMemo, but it can only render Mini HTML an far as I can see !!!

Do you have a solution to this?


TTMSFNCPDFLib is actually part of TMS FNC Core and not TMS FNC WX Pack: PDF Library - TMS FNC Core

At this moment there is no way to put the contents of TTMSFNCWXHTMLMemo in a PDF. It's on our todo list to investigate the possibilities.

Do you have any idea about the time horizon for a solution and possibly how it should be implemented. It could be nice if writing to PDF could go through the class TTMSFNCPDFLib as far as I can see. Can I follow your .investigations in some way?

No time set yet, we'll need to see when we can allocate resources on this.

Either there is an existing solution for Summernote that allows PDF exporting or it will require a new component that can turn HTML documents/elements into PDF files including the CSS formatting. After all it is expected to see the same result in the PDF as you see in the editor and some elements in the editor depend on Bootstrap for formatting.

Due to the reasons above, it will not likely be go through TTMSFNCPDFLib.

Any time set for the investigations now?
Can you inform me if that happens?

The schedule of already ongoing & planned development at this moment is so full that earliest time to allocate time for this research will be for January.

Any news on this topic?

We have identified a possible 'efficient (in terms of development)' solution via integrating an existing JS library. Even with this approach, it is a significant amount of work to develop such as seamless as possible integration. Earliest time we can allocate resources for this is after Q1'23. If there is an urgency and this development needs to be accelerated for you, best we can do is offer this as paid custom development work.

Any new information about this?

Sorry, so much ongoing other work prevented us from already taking this up.