Table support in TAdvRichEditor and TAdvRichEditorHTMLIO

You have said in previous posts that TAdvRichEditor can be compared with the MS WordPad feature set, WordPad deals with tables fine. What I am in need of is to copy tables in to the TAdvRichEditor control and convert to HTML.

It seems odd to me that apparently no-one's components can deal with tables, they are not exactly tricky, but I would rather not have to roll my own when most of the work has already been done.

The standard TRichEdit control accepts copied tables fine, but then there is the need to convert to HTML, which as far as I can see no-one can do with tables included.

Please let me know if you are going to be including tables.

We've noticed that recent WordPad editions added some limited table support. At the time we started TAdvRichEditor development this wasn't the case.
For an immediate solution, you might consider TTMSFNCWXHTMLMemo that has built-in table support.

Thanks, understood. Can the HTML Memo take a paste from Word or Excel with tables, images etc. and keep the format reasonably well?

Yes it does.
Here is table from MS Word pasted in the HTMLEditor

Great, thanks.