AdvListView... Stream Read Error

Hallo all...

sometimes, but very often after compiling, i get an Stream Read Error when the Form, where the AdvListview is placed, is creating. in this case "OnCreate" of the Form is not calling. I think the Error comes from the creating of the AdvListview.
I have a temporary Solution: I change one not important property of the Listview and after compiling the error has gone... till the next time.

I am not alone with this (old ?) Bug...
Information from in german:

Delphi XE
TMS ComponentPack

Hope for a fast Solution.

Try to create your TAdvListView at runtime in code. This appears to be a streaming
issue with the Delphi DFM file reader for which we have not yet found a workaround or solution.

Thanks for your answer...
thats not the solution i hoped for ... :-)

An Idea... It is a different t have the DFM as Text or Binary ?

I have the same problem. I hope this little workaround is helpful. When you delete the dcu files from the project you can recompile it. If you do this you can compile the project everytime up to close the IDE.

Bonjour all,
I have the same problem. We trying to migrate from Delphi 7 to Delphi XE. We are using AdvListView very often. The solution to create AdvListView at runtime in code does not suit me. I already spend a lot of time to adapt the code to unicode. We bought TMS component pack for feel easy. And now, TMS tell us to rewrite ALL AdvListView calls and ruin more time? Is that a joke? Do you haven't any other solutions?

As already explained here: this appears to be a streaming issue with the Delphi DFM file reader. At this point it is not yet clear whether this is a bug in Delphi or a bug in the component.
Although we have already spent a huge amount of time on this, we have so far not yet been able to find a solution or workaround.

Ok. I understand your problem, but mine is to migrated an application with around 300 AdvListView massively used. How can I do that?

- Do you have any tools to quickly write functions which create TAdvListView at runtime in code? (dfm parsing?)
- Do you have some tips to try ?
- What can I do to migrate my application?

I have already suggested to create your TAdvListView instances at runtime in code. Right now, we do not have some magic tool that can create this code for you unfortunately.


Does the TAdvListView component has been fixed since September?


We have been unable to find a solution on component level. We suspect this is an issue on IDE level.

Hi all,

i think, i have a simple Workaround. When the errror comes i must only marked the AdvListview (the first placed in the DFM) in designtime and compile again.

Hope it helps...