AdvGrid DisjunctCellSelection problem

Hi !

Set DisjunctCellSelection=true and SelectionRectangle=true in a standard AdvStringGrid.
Now if you select multiple cells by holding ctrl-key down or selecting an area of cells by movng mouse when holding mouse button down, it works as expected.
But if you select a rectangle area of cells by holding shift-key down and moving the mouse, the last selected cell (the last corner cell of the rectangle) will not be selected. Why, because the selection rectange shows that all cells are selected ?
For example, selecting 2x3 area of cells:
-mouse down methdod selectioncount=6
-shift-key method selectioncount=5 !

DisjunctCellSelection and SelectionRectangle are two mutually exclusive features. DisjunctCellSelection is designed to be used as a way to Ctrl-Click different cells and have all ctrl-clicked cells selected. SelectionRectangle is designed to be used with goRangeSelect = true in grid.Options and allow to change the dimension of a single range of selected cells by dragging the bottom black drag square of the selectionrectangle. This was not designed to be combined with disjunct cell selection.

Ok, set SelectionRecTangle back to false. But my point is: why holding mouse down selects the whole area, BUT

with Shift-key down leaves the last corner cell not selected !
This behaviour has changed: version of the grid works correctly, but the current version (  is not working as it should.
Try this: set OnSelectionChanged event to print out SelectionCount. SelectedCell[]-property list has no corner cell in the list. 

We've traced & solved this problem now and can confirm that the next update will address this.