TTMSFMXGrid smDisjunctCell selection question

I'm continually impressed (and occasionally confused) by the many
options in TmsFmxGrid.  I'm using selection mode smDisjunctCell as I
need to select cells in non-consecutive rows and columns.

create a new blank c++ project and add only a TmsFmxGrid object and kept
all defaults (5 columns, column 0 fixed, 10 rows, row 0 fixed) except
changing selection mode to smDisjunctCell.

click and ctrl-click selects cells as I expect.  I don't understand shift-click.

click on cell column 1, row 4, then shift-click on cell column 4, row
6.  It selects columns 1-4 of rows 4-6 which I expect.  I then click
cell column 1, row 1 clearing all selections except that one cell, then
shift-click on cell column 4 row 9.  Now all cells in column 1 are
selected but nothing in any other columns.

Is there something else I need to do to use shift-click with smDisjunctCell ?


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue. The shift cell selection for disjunctcell had an issue. The next version will address this.