DBAdvGrid empty cells


im having some trouble with DBAdvGrid and empty Cells.
As example i use your ADO Query Demo.

DBAdvGrid1.DefaultRowHeight := 15;


adoquery1.Active := true;

in Button1Click procedure.
The result 4 empty rows.

The same problem occurs with MouseActions.AllRowSize := True
If you downsize a row with the mouse there also empty rows.

Can you try to change the setting for DBAdvGrid.DataSetType ?

Sequenced or NonSequenced, if i set the DefaultRowHeight, empty cells.

With DataSetType dtNonSequenced i have Scroll problems. When i scroll down to the end of the grid, empty cells again.

In Delphi 7 dtNonSequenced work´s without empty cells. But the Scroll issue remains.

I have retested our ADOQuery demo here with DefaultRowHeight = 15 but I could not see an issue here. Do you use the latest version of the component?

Yes. It is the latest Version.
You need to set the DefaultValue programmatically after the query is open not in Objectinspector.
I have tested this on many different pc. From Delphi 7 to 10.2.3. From Windows 7 to 10.
You see the result in the screenshot. The only thing i changed in your Demo is the DefaultRowHeight.

Can it be a problem with locale / language ? e.g Formatsettings

This extra information helped to reproduce this.
We identified and fixed this issue. The next update will address this.

Yes, for Delphi 10.2.3 it?s fine.
The Problem still exists in Delphi 7 with

MouseActions.AllRowSize := True;
Options.Rowsizing := True;

Are you referring to just using grid.DefaultRowHeight or is something more or other steps you are doing in Delphi 7. With setting grid.DefaultRowHeight, I cannot see an issue here, regardless of the settings for MouseActions.AllRowSize / Options.RowSizing

Im referring to the Topic. (Empty Cells). Sorry it has nothing to do with DefaultRowHeight.
With MouseActions.AllRowSize / Options.RowSizing i get empty cells / rows when i downsize a row.

On your site i found this. https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/pagemodedbadvgrid.asp

After updating the ClientDataSets, data is missing in the grid and several rows are blank.

Yes i can use DataSetType = dtNonSequenced but then theres a Problem with then Scrollbar as described on the same Site "The scrollbar is only limited to three positions"

I can?t set PageMode to false cause it?s very important to have the cursor.

So, what are the exact circumstances?

You have a TClientDataSet and PageMode=true and DataSetType = dtSequenced?

What exact operations do you perform with the TClientDataSet?
PageMode = True
DataSetType = dtSequenced
MouseActions.AllRowSize = true
Options.RowSizing = true
Resize a Row with Mouse = Empty Cells
Same Settings as above but DataSetType = dtNonSequenced
No empty cells but scrollbar issues.

I have retested this here with the settings

PageMode = True
DataSetType = dtSequenced
MouseActions.AllRowSize = true
Options.RowSizing = true
in the demo ADOEditing but I could not see empty cells here when resizing the rows. 
What is different in your project?
Ive found the difference and the error.

We have implemented the OnSelectCell Event in our Projects.
For the Adoediting Demo implement

procedure TForm1.DBAdvGrid1SelectCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
  var CanSelect: Boolean);
  if ACol = DBAdvGrid1.ColumnByFieldName['Brand'].Index then
    CanSelect := false;

To test it, I started from the ADOEditing demo, added the settings:

dbadvgrid1.PageMode := True;
dbadvgrid1.DataSetType := dtSequenced;
dbadvgrid1.MouseActions.AllRowSize := true;
dbadvgrid1.Options := dbadvgrid1.Options  + [goRowSizing];

and this OnSelect event handler, but  I could not see empty cells. What exact operations do you do to see the empty cells?

I have retested this once more here with the ADOEditing demo but I cannot see such problem.
Did you test this with the ADOEditing demo? If it works for you in the ADOEditing demo and not in your application, what is different then between the demo and your application?

Please have a look


We could reproduce and fix this now. The next update will address this.