Adding images to a TTMSFNCBitmapContainer

When I append images in designtime to a TTMSFNCBitmapContainer after the application has been running on android then these do not appear when the app is compiled again on android. On the windows platform there is no problem.

Can you Clean & rebuild the application?

Hi Pieter,

It has been on hold for a while.

I have tried to clean up and rebuild to no avail.

I do see that in the *.LgXhdpiPh.fmx, *.LgXhdpiTb.fmx, *.SmXhdpiPh.fmx and .NmXhdpiPh.fmx files no new bitmaps are added.

Kind regards,


Can you provide more details on how you are achieving these forms? I checked the View, changed it to Android, and it creates descending forms, but they are not named like this. They are named (Unit.iPad.fmx, Unit.Android.fmx), additionally, it's possible that the descending forms do not contain information because I assume they will only contain the differences from the main form.

Ja lap, da's Chinees.

I didn't know how these where created. With some testing I had clicked some views to see what was the difference...

I've cleaned up these files. Now the images are correct applied.