TAdvSpreadGrid: Missing package file(s)?

In preparation for installing TAdvSpreadGrid into C++ Builder XE2 under XP SP3, I have installed TAdvStringGrid into the same IDE.  For the next step, the relevant instructions (from install.txt) are:

TAdvSpreadGrid registered version

TAdvSpreadGrid is an add-on for TAdvStringGrid or
the TMS Component Pack and must be installed with
TMS Component Pack 5.x. or higher.

Installation with TAdvStringGrid:

Add the files included to the directory where
TAdvStringGrid is installed, open the TAdvStringGrid
package file and add the file ASPGREG.PAS to the package
file and compile.
The TAdvSpreadGrid and related component icons will
appear on the component palette and is ready to be used.

This leads to a rather confusing situation.

Looking in the installation folder (D:\Program Files\tmssoftware\TMS TAdvStringGrid) and subfolders, I do not find any package files (.bpk) for C++ Builder XE2, "TAdvStringGrid" or otherwise.  Delphi package files (.dpk) for XE2 are present, but no Builder package files for XE2.  The only .bpk files are:
These are for Builder 5 and 6 (which, I understand, are no longer supported).  An exhaustive search of drives C: and D: turns up other .bpk files, but these are for other products.

Looking inside aspreg.zip, I find the same situation: no C++ Builder XE2 package files.  So, even after unzipping it into D:\Program Files\tmssoftware\TMS TAdvStringGrid\ (assuming that's even the correct location), I still have no C++ Builder XE2 package files.

What steps should I follow, in order to install TAdvSpreadGrid? 

And please, don't be afraid to be explicit about file and folder names!!!  I would rather have too much information, than not enough to get the job done.

Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if I uninstalled and returned TAdvSpreadGrid and TAdvStringGrid, and just ordered the TMS Grid Pack?

We have done a free replacement.

Grid Pack installed without a hitch.
Thank you!