A monitor program has been found

Hello everybody,

We have a problem with TMS Data Modeler. We get this message when trying to start it:
"A monitor program has been found running in your system.

Please, unload it from memory and restart your program."

We use Process Monitor regularly to analyze problems. Unfortunately the tool loads a minifilter driver in memory in background which is not removed when it is terminated.

You can find this driver using:
fltmc filters

But unfortunately you cannot unload procmon24 without rebooting the machine as it has no unload routine implemented.

It is really annoying to have to restart the whole system multiple times a day, especially a remote machine (I work from home at the moment) without having someone there to switch it on, if something goes wrong...

Is there nothing that can be done to avoid this problem?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Sebastian Jänicke

Hello, that's unfortunately a 3rd party library we use for licensing control. It detects if there are some tools that are suspect to trying to modify the exe or inspect it. Unfortunately we have no control on such 3rd party library.