2 questions about the TIWExchangeBar


i have 2 about the TIWExchangeBar :

1. is it possible to hide and/or disable the Splitter and the Divider?
i know it's somewhat a waste, but i just need a simple disgined menu to look good, but with no images or special functionality.

2. is there a way to "Margin" the item's captions?
i try to "push" them a littel using 2 spaces, but it looks like they are trimmed anyway.



1. Can you please try setting the Splitter.Height property to 0 to hide it?

2. Have you tried changing the Item.Spacing property value?

hi Bart,.

1. the Splitter.Height works exactlly as i wanted - Thank you for that !
* can you consider a "Height" property for the Divider too please? (i would like it to be 0 as well)

2. the spacing looks like what i was looking for, but since it can't align to the right - it "pushes" the captions from the right to left, and i need it exactly to the other side.

Thank you very much for your help !

sorry i made a mistake.
i got confused with the Item.Spacing...
the Spacing looks like the "Height" of an item, and i need to "push" the text a little, and add some spaces.
for example :
if the "box" that shows the items has 2 items then it looks like this :
|item1                |
|item2                |

but i would like to add 2-3 spaces to make it look like this :

|  item1              |

|  item2              |


  1. Dividers are a custom type of Items, so you can add/remove them from the Panels[].items[] collection as required.

    2. I'll have to investigate if this feature can be added in a future version, together with center/right aligning.

thank you for your quick reply Bart

i think only now i understand the meaning of the "Divider".
by "Divider" you are talking about an item that i can set "IsDivider" in it's properties, right?
i was talking about the most buttom part(panel?) where you "fast-click" those panel "links", the part that we can't see in design-time.

i couldn't find a way to change it's "Height" to 0, or hide it.

thank you

The visibility of the bottom-bar in the TIWExchangeBar is fixed.

However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding ability to hide it in a future version.

thank you very much for your great help and quick reply Bart !