Zeos and PostgreSQL

Using Zeos driver in Aurelius, I note that PostgreSQL and other db are missing in Aurelius Connection setting.
Is there a specific reason why PostgreSQL is not on the proposed list?

I take advantage of the topic:
I want to remind you that Zeos allows the filling of classes and entities, or the generation of any output Json, CSV, etc... via low-level fetch with cursor, avoiding the passage through the slow dataset and not using additional memory necessary to manage the full dataset.
Since Aurelius does NOT use datasets for its operations, making it redundant, I think using low-level Zeos to fill entities (or generate Json) allows for exceptional performance.
It is the system that uses mormot for its performance, rightly avoiding the use of the dataset on a server application.
This can really increase the performance of Aurelius/Xdata especially on query speed.
Good job.

stmt := FConnection.CreateStatement;
RS := stmt.ExecuteQuery(Format('SELECT * FROM %s',[nomeTabella]));
rsMeta := rs.GetMetadata;
while RS.Next do
for fieldIdx := 1 to rsMeta.GetColumnCount do
Writeln(rsMeta.GetColumnLabel(fieldIdx)),'=', rs.GetString(fieldIdx));

Because we don't include ZeosLib + PostgreSQL in our official tests: Database Connectivity | TMS Aurelius documentation

We are aware of this and it would be nice to implement it, yes. Do you mind filing a feature request for this?