LOW LEVEL Zeos driver for AURELIUS-XDATA for better performance

Since Aurelius does NOT use datasets for its operations, making it redundant, I think using low-level Zeos to fill entities (or generate Json) allows for exceptional performance.
It is the system that uses mormot for its performance, rightly avoiding the use of the dataset on a server application.
This can really increase the performance of Aurelius/Xdata especially on query speed.
Good job.

stmt := FConnection.CreateStatement;
RS := stmt.ExecuteQuery(Format('SELECT * FROM %s',[nomeTabella]));
rsMeta := rs.GetMetadata;
while RS.Next do
for fieldIdx := 1 to rsMeta.GetColumnCount do
/// fill classes properties or json fields
///////Writeln(rsMeta.GetColumnLabel(fieldIdx)),'=', rs.GetString(fieldIdx));