How to designate PostgreSQL schemea?

Seems that Aurelius/PostgreSQL will automatically save the data to the public schema, under the database specified in the configuration.

Is there any way to specify a schema other than "public"?

I figured that out the following steps:

  1. Create a role, with only login privilege
  2. User that role create a schema

Then login with that role, then the connection will be automatically to that schema

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In addition to this:

  1. It's up to the database-access component to specify the default schema of connection. That should be done depending on the component you are using, in FireDAC for example you can set the MetaDefSchema parameter
  2. Aurelius Table attribute allows you to specify the schema of a table, in addition to its name.
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This is great information. Thank you.

For all faireness, probably this question should be directed to ZeosLib team, but just in case you could advise - for ZeosLib/postgresql, how can I specify the schema via TZConnection?

You will have to ask the ZeosLib team indeed, as I don't know how to do that specifically for ZeosLib.

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