Xlsx page break support


We have installed v3.22 and v6.15.

We are using Xlsxadapter component in a Delphi XE 10.1 Berlin Project.

Our Excel template has defined page breaks to avoid some cells to be printed.

In case we use XLS files, then page breaks are mantained in the resulting file.

But in case we use XLSX files, these page breaks are removed in the resulting file.

Is this a known problem in Xlsx files support?

Can we do something to avoid this problem?


We aren't aware of issues with page breaks and xlsx. I am really
confident we don't have issues with FlexCel 6 alone as page breaks in xlsx have been working since day 1 and with no reported issues, so my guess would
be that this is caused by some interaction between FlexCel 3 and 6. But I
couldn't figure out how to reproduce it.

Below there is an
example I just tried: It has a "hard" page break at row 1 (so you should
see only the first row in the first page in a print preview), and then
it also makes page breaks with ...page break... tags. Both seem to work

my first question would be: Is your problem with ...page break... tags
or actual page breaks inserted by Excel? And the second would be: Do you
see something different in your app from this sample app that could be
causing this? Do you think it would be possible to modify this sample
app to show the issue or, send me some app where I can reproduce it?  If
you prefer to not post them here, you can email me the files to