xls tempalte saved as XLSM lost the charts

Dear FlexCel team,

we need your help.

Our customer claimed that a template (was created as xls file with macros) loses the charts if it was saved as XLSM file at runtime.

we use this method:


public void Save(Stream aStream, TFileFormats fileFormat);

TFileFormats.Xlsm (Xlsm = 5)

Our FlexCel version is
FlexCel, Version=


Sadly indeed charts are not converted when converted a xls file to xlsx/m. While we are working in a big overhaul of charts right now which will include rendering xlsx charts and adding them with code, chart conversion between xls and xlsx is still outside our scope.

The only solution here is to provide 2 templates: One in xls and the other in xlsm. When the user wants to save as xlsm you use the xlsm template, and if the user wants to save as xls, you use the xls template.

Ok, we will do it (2 templates).