Xdata Web App builder > error GetBootstrapVersion

In order to analyse Grid Plugins from wizard project, I created a Web App from xData Wizard but I get for all version I create (even on simple xData Server) an error about BootStrap when display for form with WebDBTableControl and other Grid plugin elements

Uncaught ReferenceError: bootstrap is not defined
    at Object.GetBootstrapVersion (WEBLib.Forms.pas:3481:1)
    at Object.RenderList (WEBLib.Lists.pas:810:17)
    at Object.ItemsChanged (WEBLib.Lists.pas:713:7)
    at Object.cb [as FOnChange] (rtl.js:236:1)
    at Object.DoChanged (WEBLib.Lists.pas:216:5)
    at Object.Update (WEBLib.Lists.pas:274:3)
    at Object.Changed (classes.pas:5002:5)
    at Object.RemoveItem (classes.pas:4958:3)
    at Object.SetCollection (classes.pas:4761:46)
    at Object.Destroy (classes.pas:4843:3)

I saw Bootstrap is included in template/vendor... but even by including it in JS lib for project, the issue occurs
As it breaks behavior of form, I can't understand the way you create paginator/filter/pagesize
Is there a way to fix it please?


Same error when building the xdata Demo web Music about GetBootstrapVersion

Just to test, can you change in Core Source\WEBLib.Forms.pas the function

function TApplication.GetBootstrapVersion: TBootstrapVersion;
Result := bv5;

Wokrs fine with such fix

A fix for this will be in the next update

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