TMS WEB Core v and Bootstrap


After installed this version my bootstrap application display controls which are connected via elementid ... for the moment TWEBCore and Bootstrap doesn't work.

Could you check this?


Are you sure you did uninstall & remove ALL v1.3.1.0 files and installed v1.3.1.1?

Verify under IDE menu Help, About TMS WEB Core
Yes I uninstalled all and install new version ... but on subscription manager I have:

Maybe this is problem in subscription manager ?

I prepared simple example project with this issue. You can get this from https:\\\tms


When you run the installer, what version number does the installer wizard say?

Did you try to download the product after login on our website under Account / My Products?

On My Products page I can only download like below:

Latest registered version

	< ="" method="post" name="regdl" id="regdl">

		Friday, December 13, 2019

				Registered version&nbsp;
				<span>(638.62 MB)</span></a></li></ul><div>Where can I download<br></div>

Can you retry to download?

Thx now I have ... but when I start my application which properly working on version i get an error:
"Duplicate component name wbtmrLogout1" this is TWebTimer object.
I change the name of this object but error is the same with new name.

I don't know what is wrong.
From debug console i see this: 

Uncaught ObjectfHelpContext: 0fMessage: "Duplicate component name: "wbtmrLogout1""__proto__: Object


I cannot reproduce this.
Is there step by step info or sample source project with which this can be reproduced?

Ok ... try this:
1) Create new web project
2) Right click on project --> Manage Java Script Libraries --> check Bootstrap 4.3.1
3) Run application and open chrome debug console
I have an error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fn' of undefined
    at util.js:55
    at bootstrap.min.js:6
    at bootstrap.min.js:6

Bootstrap 4 requires jQuery, so please add jQuery and make sure it is referenced BEFORE bootstrap.

I try reproduce this error on simple new application ... but can't :( ... I still have problem with 

"Duplicate component name: wbtmrLogout1" ... I checked another one uninstall and install and after that all is ok ... it is magic :) ... I think that I have to stay with forever :)

Do you have more details?

Is this in an application with multiple forms?
I installed v and all is working ok ... ufffff ... thanks for this version :)