XData server doesn't list entities


This is to be my first XData server/client test-project...
I simply want to show the content of a small table in the grid of a web client.

I have set up the server first and it seems to work so far - when I enter its
URL in my Browser I get an (empty) response.
When I add /$model to the URL I should get the list of the entities, but that
list is empty!

-Using Delphi 10.3 Rio
-Components are up to date
-My database is SQLite in native mode
-I used right click on AureliusConnection -> 'Generate entities from database...'
 to create the unit with the entities (the table was found and is declared in the unit)
-The dictionary unit is in the 'uses' list of the server-project
-XDataServer -> DefaultEntitySetPermissions are all enabled

I found a working example and compared it with mine but couldn't find any
differences in code or settings...
Online documentary didn't help...can't find any similar topics in forum...

Any ideas?
Hello Frank,
That still looks like an issue with entity classes being removed from the executable, or not being considered as entities. Do you have "RegisterEntity" calls in the generated unit?
Other than this, I would have to see the full source code of your project to have an idea of what's going on. You can provide a downloadable link, or if you prefer, send it to our support e-mail.


yes there is an "RegisterEntity" call...

I will send the code to your support e-mail!

Thanks. We received it here. Just for the record, it was the TXDataServer.ModelName property that had the wrong value (the property value should be empty).